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Who Will Go...?

Who will go to the enemy’s camp?

“Now we are engaged in a great civil war… testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated…can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war.” (Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address)

Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, so eloquently spoke of a war which greatly divided two fractions of people. One fraction wanted to secede from the country and adhere to slavery policies, and the other fraction wanted to have all men to be equally free; living in a unified country. Both sides passionately fought for their ideologies and beliefs. Both sides had fearless leaders who believed that their cause would ring true and resonate throughout the hills and valleys of a land blessed and beautiful. Only one side prevailed. One side saw the vision fulfilled and only one side would claim victory.

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was given on a day dedicated to the 49,000 plus soldiers who had courageously fought and died at The Battle of Gettysburg (Wikipedia Encyclopedia). He was concerned as to whether or not America could endure the civil war. He knew that both sides pledged allegiance to their beliefs, for he spoke of that great battlefield.

Gettysburg was a war that claimed more lives than any other battle of the Civil War (Wikipedia Encyclopedia). So convicted of their desires to claim victory, both young and old fought with a determination of great proportions. Each soldier joined in harmonious maneuvers to accomplish their sought after vision. There was incredible passion. The North and the South entangled their hearts over and over and over again. Neither side wanted to experience defeat, therefore they fought until exhaustion besieged them, or death consumed them. Each side knew what the consequences could be, but their fears could not convince them to give up on what their souls believed to be right and just.

In today’s tumultuous world, we the true believers of Christ, must arise and fight for the cause of Christ. We have laid down our passions for him and for our nation. We recently celebrated Presidents day and we have forgotten the reasons for the celebration. Our founding fathers were not afraid of the unknown territories of America. They just knew that freedom from the bondages of British rule enabled them to exercise their own religion, and they entrusted that freedom by way of the Declaration of Independence. They were fighters for the cause. They were ready to lay down their lives for in what they believed. They saw the vision of a better world and went out to conquer whatever obstacle was in front of that coveted future.

Our world is crashing all around us and we just stand and stare. We allow Satan, our enemy, to run to and fro, devouring our youth and our way of life. We have forgotten that our Lord is the greatest commander ever to wage war with the enemy. We no longer go to the enemy’s camp, but we allow the enemy to invade and conquer us down to the deepest fibers of our beings. He has infiltrated us on every side. We have appeared to have been rendered useless to all those that oppose us. But I know of a God who created this world in just seven days. He is the one who is able to keep us from damnation. Why then, do we not rely upon his strength to lead us into battle? We must rise up and go into the enemy’s camp with the passion and conviction spoken of during the great battle of Gettysburg. Lincoln spoke of a great civil war, but this is a war of intense spiritual battles. Satan has waged an all out attack on every aspect of our culture. He believes he is winning. He is relentless and brutal. He knows no pity and cares not if lives are shattered because of him. He will stop at nothing to destroy our nation founded under God. But we know that if God be for us, then who can be against us. We are made more than conquerors through Christ which strengthens us. We must put on the whole armor of God wherewith we are able to fight the good fight of faith. We must believe in the visions of those great leaders and commanders who gave their all and all to fight for justice and freedom. We must not fear, for our God is not the author of that fear. He is our buckler and our shield. He will fend off all fiery darts thrown by the enemy. Let us rise up and go forth into the world and reclaim that which the enemy has tried to steal.

“When thou goest out to battle against thine enemies, and seest horses, and chariots, and a people more than thou, be not afraid of them: for the Lord thy God is with thee, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. And it shall be, when ye are come nigh unto the battle, that the priest shall approach and speak unto the people, and shall say unto them, Hear, O Israel, ye approach this day unto battle against your enemies: let not your hearts faint, fear not, and do not tremble, neither be ye terrified because of them; for the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.” (King James Bible: Deuteronomy 20:1-4)

So again I ask you, “Who will go to the enemy’s camp?”

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